Welcome to Edenvale Hydraulics website. Edenvale hydraulics is a South African company and one of the fastest growing hydraulic services companies. The company offers a complete range of mechanical engineering and hydraulic services. We provide hydraulic services in the following categories: Hydraulics Equipment Repairs, Hydraulics Equipment Servicing, Hydraulics Maintenance, and hydraulic installations services in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and the rest of Gauteng as well as the whole of South Africa. We are an experts in hydraulic services and repair solutions.

Customers Services

Focusing on customers needs and technical support, Offering a 1st class service and value for money

Timely Response

Fast response time or a convenient time to suit customers schedule and work load

Ensuring complete customer satisfaction

The Best Hydraulics Around

Custom Designed Systems

Not all needs are the same. Varying equipment, different designs, different application environments.

Inspections And Maintenance

All forms of mechanical and hydraulic equipment undergo strain, wear and tear during operation.

Rebuilding And Testing

Similarly, to system inspection and maintenance, many components within your hydraulic systems

Servicing And Installation

It is not always possible to bring your components or equipment in for service or maintenance.

Expert Hydraulic Services and Repair Solutions

Edenvale Hydraulics has developed into a complete hydraulic installation and service company with a focus on serving the earthmoving, construction, forestry and demolition-machinery markets in South Africa.

Hydraulics Equipment Repairs
Hydraulics Equipment Repairs, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders/rams, hydraulic motors, hydraulic valves, hydraulic accumulators; you name it, if its hydraulic related we can fix it (or sell you a new one if it is beyond repair).
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Fault Finding

Our experienced engineers will give you the confidence that finding faults within your hydraulic system and will be identified speedily which can be done both on or off site.
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Servicing and Maintainance

Servicing and maintenance of all hydraulic systems, including contract maintenance programmes and oil condition monitoring, look no further than Edenvale Hydraulics
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Hydraulics Installations

Hydraulics Installation of steel and stainless steel tubing and hydraulic lines. Installation of auxilliary hydraulic systems to excavators and commissioning of attachments into service.
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Why Choose Us

Most Modern Equipments

A qualified technician utilises the latest equipment and technical information for the correct assembly procedure for the component.

Continued Efficiency

we make sure continued efficiency Hydraulics power units are used in a wide range of applications including, Automation, meat processing, machinery, mobile requirement,

One-Year Free Service

We install hydraulic equipments as per client specifications. All installations got one-year free service after installations.

We are positioned to help solve your hydraulic needs

Heavy Duty and Light Electrical Motor Repairs